China Animal Husbandry Expo - "Material" determines the world! Liwei debuted at the expo with new products, shocking both new and old customers

On May 18th, the annual China Animal Husbandry Expo arrived as scheduled in Nanchang, and Liwei once again gathered with you. Liwei showcased the characteristics of "high, new, and refined" products in a comprehensive and multi-level manner around the theme of "transformation, innovation, development, quality, efficiency, and safety" at this exhibition.

At this exhibition, Liwei made a stunning debut with two new products: material tower and material line enhancement. Chairman Liwei warmly introduced Liwei's independently developed and designed material line system to customers, and received unanimous praise and recognition from customers.


The characteristics of Liwei material line:
1. High degree of standardization
1) The supporting system (standard parts+one inch tube) has strong interchangeability of components, which can be purchased and stored in bulk, saving costs
2) Adopting a plug-in installation and connection method, it can flexibly adapt to various schemes, save connectors, and is easy and simple to install

2. Low operating load

1) The warning device of the host has a chain anti detachment function, ensuring smooth operation and minimal failure rate

2) Compared to traditional plastic or cast steel/cast iron corners, Liwei uses aluminum corners, which are lightweight and have high strength


Fiberglass silo have superior performance:

1) Long lifespan, 30-50 years, low maintenance

2) Good corrosion resistance, can be used in coastal areas (high acidity and alkalinity)

3) Fiberglass can perfectly preserve meals, pellets, powders, animal mixtures, fertilizers, salts, and minerals, with a storage capacity 10 times that of galvanized silo

4) Good thermal insulation performance, able to withstand extreme weather conditions, with a thermal conductivity of only 1/100-1/1000 that of metals

5) No condensation, perfect waterproof structure

6) Transparent observation window allows for viewing of the storage status of feed


Liwei's leading product, the fiberglass series fan, has the characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance, long service life, energy-saving and efficient motor, easy installation, and easy maintenance.

New series of Fan

Crate System

Liwei has excellent design and production capabilities, and can customize according to different customer needs. The design plan is produced within 3 days, and samples are produced within a week; The production capacity has reached the daily output crate of 40 tons.


Agos controller provides you with convenient, flexible, and efficient solutions. The control module can be customized according to your needs, and real-time data can be connected to multiple clients for synchronous management. Through the controller, you can control devices such as water curtains, fans, and dampers to achieve a constant temperature and humidity environment in the house, which can improve the comfort of pigs, increase meat to feed ratio, and reduce the probability of illness.

Liwei has won industry praise for its excellent technology and excellent service. During the exhibition, many new and old customers came to inquire and negotiate business, and showed great interest and confidence in Liwei's new products. Liwei always adheres to the service concept of "creating value for customers by doing everything", not disappoints every trust and expectation of customers, provides one-stop solutions, and helps customers build intelligent and integrated breeding farms.