Liwei has received much media attention at the China Animal Husbandry Expo, and its chairman is interviewed by Global Times

Recently, the 19th China Animal Husbandry Expo was held in Nanchang. As a representative enterprise in the animal husbandry equipment industry, Liwei gathers with new and old friends at the Expo every year. This year, Liwei not only brought new products, but also accepted an interview with Global Network as an outstanding representative of the industry.环球网专访报道原文

Liwei personally experienced the intelligent development process of animal husbandry



Liwei Chairman Xiang Jinming used Liwei's development as an example to introduce to reporters the development process of China's animal husbandry industry from free range to intensive, from mechanization to intelligence: "In the past, traditional animal husbandry often required a large area of land to be used for animal husbandry, and these enterprises needed to spend a lot of labor costs for decentralized breeding, which not only led to an increase in labor costs, but also lacked scientific and unified breeding, and it was difficult to achieve standardized production of final product quality. Taking Liwei's products and services as an example, modern animal husbandry, through creating standardized production scenes, helps farmers fully manage the environmental and climate of the breeding site. At the same time, advanced sensors will also provide precise growth factors for each animal." The automation of processes such as feeding, defecation, and disinfection has further reduced the labor costs of farmers and improved production efficiency in the animal husbandry process.
Continuously pursuing innovation and contributing to the upgrading of China's animal husbandry industry


Currently, domestic enterprises are also accelerating their strong research and development capabilities to input technological strength into the domestic and foreign animal husbandry industry, further promoting the development of intelligent animal husbandry in China. Taking the solution provided by Liwei Group as an example, its fiberglass tower material line system has received praise from global partners.


The controller automatically adjusts the water curtain, fan, damper and other equipment through the controller to achieve a constant temperature and humidity environment in the house, which can improve the comfort of pigs, increase the meat to feed ratio, and reduce the probability of illness.


"Data is the core element of modern animal husbandry development and also the core driving force for intelligent upgrading of animal husbandry," explained Jin Ming, Chairman of Shanghai Liwei Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Digitization, intelligence, and unmanned operation are the ultimate goals of future animal husbandry development. We have reason to believe that combining cloud computing, AI empowerment, and 5G networks, the industrial upgrading of intelligent animal husbandry is imperative. However, current industry enterprises such as Liwei Group have already entered an unmanned area where intelligent systems are combined with traditional industries. Such integrated applications have no experience to follow, but Liwei Group will definitely grasp the new characteristics of the times, based on the national situation, and embark on a path of upgrading animal husbandry with Chinese characteristics.