Metal origami

All things have spirits, and animals are no exception. They possess different ways of thinking from us, as well as innate spirituality, adding endless colors and vitality to this world.

Shanghai Liwei's metal origami hope to allow people to experience the magic and unique charm of animals through handmade methods, interpret love through actions, cherish life, treat animals kindly, and make the world full of warmth and hope!

Shanghai Liwei has launched an animal series of metal origami for promotion both domestically and internationally. We welcome everyone to purchase through different sales channels. The company also provides special customization services for hand gifts, tailored to meet different customer needs. Welcome to negotiate.

Tip: Protecting copyright is protecting innovation. As an original design company for handicrafts, Shanghai Liwei has applied for patents for all its launched series of products. Without permission, they cannot be used for imitation sales, and any violation of rights will be prosecuted.